Ropes Retreat

A time away from the school for the eighth grade class to work together on team building skills; to appreciate their peers for their unique gifts and talents; and to grow closer in their relationships with God, Nature, Others and Self.

At YMCA Camp Colman on the Kitsap Penninsula. Nestled among 100 acres of forest, Camp Colman has over a half mile of beach and a warm saltwater lagoon which boasts views of the Olympic Mountains. In addition to team building activities, students will have opportunities to use the boating facilities, sport courts, archery center and arts & crafts room. Students sleep in cabins under adult supervision and all food is provided by the YMCA camp staff.

*** See map for directions and emergency phone number ***

Fall of 8th Grade

1. We need parents with current Safe Environment Training to drive students to Camp Colman on Monday morning.
2. We need parents with current Safe Environment Training to pick up students from Camp Colman and bring them to HRS on Wednesday. You can sign up to drive on the permission slip. Thank you.
3. We would love treats (cookies, brownies, baked items, healthy snacks)
4. We would love pop and/or juice boxes
5. We would love a few coolers with bags of ice.

Ropes Retreat Packing List  

What to Bring – A few words of advice:

*  Activities happen rain or shine so be sure to pack appropriately!

*  Bring old clothes. New clothes will come home looking very old!

*  All items should be marked with your child’s name

*  Students should be limited to one suitcase, backpack,  or duffle bag!



_____ Warm sleeping bag

_____ Pillow (optional)


_____  Pajamas (or something to sleep in that you haven’t been wearing all day)

_____ Walking Shoes (2 pairs)

Socks and Underwear (plenty)

Shirts (heavy & light-weight)

Warm Sweater or Sweatshirt

Long Pants (2 pairs)

Raincoat, Rain pants

Waterproof boots


Warm jacket

Hat and gloves/mittens

Plastic bag for dirty clothing


_____ Toothbrush and toothpaste (please!)

_____ Soap

_____ Towel and washcloth

_____ Sunscreen lotion, lip salve

_____ Medications (Give to Mr.S)

_____ Hand towel for cabin bathrooms (No paper towels)

_____ Comb or brush

Camp Equipment

_____ Water bottle for hiking

_____ Small backpack for carrying extra jacket, water, journal etc

_____ Flashlight/Headlamp


Inexpensive camera  (Label with name & school)

______ Fun stuff for cabin time (cards?)

Special Items (Mandatory) – We will discuss both of these in class during the first week

______ Crazy Outfit

______ Sharing Item

 Do Not Bring

*  Money or other Valuables (unless school has requested the camp store be open).

*  Fishing Rods, Bikes, Roller blades, Skateboards

*  Radios, Tape/CD players, Electronic Games, Cell Phones, Hairdryers or other electric appliances

*  Knives, Matches, Fireworks

*  Food, Candy, Gum, Soda Pop or other Beverages